Locally Owned & Operated.

Elite Trash Can Cleaning, LLC is a Quad City based small business that is owned and operated by a husband and wife duo. Our mission is to help improve the cleanliness of our local community one smelly garbage can at a time!

99.9% of germs

The Benefits

  • Convenient & Fast

    Service is provided on your trash pick-up day and eliminates the hassle and mess associated with having to do it yourself.

  • Sanitize & Freshen

    Stops the spread of disease by eliminating bacteria and other harmful organisms. Biodegradable deodorizer ensures a fresh smelling can between cleanings.

  • Bug & Rodent Free

    Removes and prevents odors that attract various bugs and rodents.

  • Eco- Friendly Solution

    No need for harsh chemicals and all waste water is collected by the truck for proper disposal.

CLEANING process

  • 1
    Collect Your Can

    On your garbage/recycling pick-up day, emptied cans are inspected and loaded onto the cleaning truck.

  • 2
    High Powered Cleaning

    Cleaning occurs using high-pressure water heated to 190 degrees. All dirty water is stored on the truck for proper disposal.

  • 3
    The Final Details

    Cans are checked for cleanliness and deodorizer is applied. They are then marked and placed back on the curb.



    Contact us for more information regarding cleaning services for dumpsters and cans of all sizes.


    Service levels include monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and one-time cleanings.


    Special packages are available for HOAs and property managers. Please contact us for a customized quote.