• Why should I have my cans cleaned?

    Do you enjoy the hassle of cleaning your own trash can? We didn’t think so! Elite Trash Can Cleaning can take the burden off your hands with our fast, eco-friendly service! Regular cleanings effectively eliminate odor and bacteria that are commonly found in trash cans. Let us handle the dirty work for you.

  • How much does this service cost?

    Service costs vary with frequency and the number of trash cans. Please visit our pricing page for more details.

  • How do I sign up?

    Complete and submit the form on our contact page, or simply give us a call at (563) 449-2040.

  • What day is my cleaning ?

    Cleaning conveniently occurs on the same day as your garbage and recycling pick-up day. Don’t know what day that is?

  • What time will my cans be cleaned?

    Cleaning times will vary as a result of garbage pick-up and route scheduling. We ask that you please leave your can on the curbside until 6pm to allow adequate time for us to service all of our customers.

  • What if I move?

    No problem! If you move within our service area, please contact us with your new address and garbage pick-up date to continue service.

  • Can I pay for somebody else to receive the service?

    Definitely. Trash can cleaning makes a great gift for housewarming, holidays, or even those who are unable or too busy to do it themselves.

  • Can you clean in colder months?

    Absolutely! Our service is offered year-round so your trash cans are always fresh and clean.

  • How do I know if it has been cleaned?

    You’ll definitely notice the difference! Your cans will be marked with colored tape after cleaning is complete. That way you know when you can remove your cans from the curbside.

  • Why is a one-time clean more expensive?

    One-time cleanings are considerably longer and use more water than subsequent cleanings. With a subscription plan, this cost is divided over a longer term. Unfortunately, this is not possible with a single cleaning.

  • How often will I be billed?

    Billing frequency depends upon the service frequency that you have signed up for. All invoices will be delivered prior to your cleaning date, and we ask that you please provide payment prior to service.

  • How do subscription services work?

    Subscription packages ensure that you receive your scheduled service and optimal cleanliness. Subscription payment methods are stored securely in our database, and subscriptions will be auto-renewed unless cancelled by the customer.